NephCure Grant Program

NephCure Kidney International-NEPTUNE Ancillary Studies Grant Program


NephCure Kidney International (NKI) announces a research grant program to support investigator-initiated studies that employ NEPTUNE resources to advance clinical and translational research in glomerular disease. The program is open to all scientists, including those within and outside of the NEPTUNE Consortium. Proposed projects are limited to those that can be used to generate feasibility data to support advancement of promising future studies and projects to develop clinical assays, or protocols, or early phase clinical trials. NKI will provide funding of up to $150,000 direct cost per project after a competitive process to select the most meritorious project. Wherever possible, proposals should adhere to the guiding principles of the NEPTUNE Consortium that include:

  1. Collaboration among participants within the NEPTUNE Consortium, and between NEPTUNE and external investigators conducting pilot or ancillary studies using NEPTUNE resources, is essential to the success of the program.
  2. Integration: NKI and NEPTUNE understand—and will take advantage of—the dramatic benefits to advancing glomerular disease science inherent in employing a multi-disciplinary approach.
  3. Sharing: NEPTUNE will serve as a resource to the community of scientists and lay persons interested in FSGS, MN, or MCD. NEPTUNE’s ability to share its systematically collected data, biological specimens, and infrastructure for future ancillary studies is as important to advancing this field as studies conducted directly by NEPTUNE.
  4. Networking: The existence and experience of maintaining a network of investigators and clinical study sites with experience in glomerular disease research will dramatically facilitate organizing and conducting future clinical studies by investigators in the public and private sectors.
Review Timeline:

PLEASE NOTE: The process of submitting applications to NKI for this grant program occurs in 3 steps. No application can be submitted to NKI before approval of the NEPTUNE ancillary studies committee, which vets proposals for scientific burden to the NEPTUNE consortium, NEPTUNE subjects, and their biosamples.


Please contact Tina Mainieri, NEPTUNE Consortium Project Manager for questions and details:


Any administrative concerns can be addressed to:


Tina Mainieri

NEPTUNE Project Manager


Division of Nephrology

University of Michigan
1150 W Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-5657


Phone: (734) 615-5020


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